Developers of the Blue Horizon Hotel says Barbados has to decide what economic development it really wants


The developers of the Blue Horizon Hotel project planned for Worthing, Christ Church are vowing to take the views of members of the public into consideration but also say the country as a whole has to decide what it wants at a time when tourism investment is touted as one of the key aspects of Barbados’ economic recovery.

Phillip Tempro CEO of Blue Tourism Incorporated was speaking in an interview with Starcom Network News following last evening’s town hall meeting where the project was heavily criticised by some key personalities including Cultural Ambassador, Dr. Anthony Carter, the Mighty Gabby, and Ambassador to Caricom David Commissiong who has mounted a legal challenge to the proposed Hyatt Hotel which is to be built at Bay Street.

Ambassador Commissiong made a reference to his fight against the Hyatt Project as he explained why he had an issue with the Blue Horizon development.

He condemned what he sees as continuing attempts to spoil a unique aspect of Barbados: open spaces to the sea that are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

But Mr. Tempro of Blue Tourism Incorporated reflecting on last night’s town hall meeting saw the comments, including the criticism as useful.

He says the country has to decide what it wants as it looks to turn the economy around with tourism investment being pushed as a key part of the recovery strategy.

Opposition leader Bishop Joseph Atherly believes it is time for Barbadians to take a stand against such hotel development projects.