DLP wants official ministerial statement from Agriculture Minister on use of Clico lands

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is calling on Minister of Agriculture Indar Weir to deliver an official ministerial statement outlining Government policy and intention for the use of the approximately 17 hundred acres of agricultural land which is to be sold by Resolution Life.

Mr. Weir speaking on VOB’s Getting Down to Brass Tacks call-in program earlier this week had dismissed as wild and silly, statements by DLP agriculture and environment spokesperson Andre Worrell who expressed concern about the land being sold and then used for housing development.

But in a statement posted to their facebook page, the DLP says that Mr. Weir has been a Cabinet member long enough to know that interventions on radio talk shows are not enunciated government policy.

The statement adds that at no time in his telephone conversation did Mr. Weir say that the CLICO lands will be offered to farmers or shareholders for agricultural purposes.

The DLP also argues that the Agriculture Minister does not have the final word regarding change of use but that those decisions are made by the minister in charge of town planning.