Event promoters ‘playing it safe’

Event promoters are remaining risk-averse this Christmas and events without large pre-booked patronage, over 2000, have been cancelled.

Russell Grant, who’s behind C’est La vie and has ties to Mimosa, two popular all-inclusive fete events, the prior a night event and the other a sunrise breakfast, told Starcom Network that people were purchasing tickets late and he could not take the risks given the total production costs.

Mr.Grant said people were focusing on their home improvements, families and other financial commitments.

He added that he did secure sponsorship but insufficient to outweigh the costs going in.

The promoter who has had to cancel Cest la Vie twice now, admitted that it was impacting on the overall brand but he would think at this point it was safe to say the fete may never be held again.

Another event called off for the yuletide season is Panache, an all-inclusive for a mature audience that takes place at Crop Over usually.

It is promoted by Premiere Event Services Limited, which is an events management and catering business.

Director Faye Wharton Parris said their tickets were selling but when it was realized that it was clashing with the core business and all elements were not in place, they opted to cancel the event, in order to deliver the quality which they are known for.

She told Starcom Network that they have refunded their fan club members because it was important to preserve the brand which they have built over the last 5 years.

She said the patronage understood and so too did the sponsors who just asked them to let them remain onboard for the Crop Over event in 2020.