UPDATE: Three people perished in apartment fire || Gender rights advocacy groups sadden by the tragedy

A 42-year-old teacher distraught over a bitter divorce and losing custody of his infant children is suspected of having taken his own life and that of the baby boy and girl in an explosion and fire at his Warrens, St. Michael Apartment.

Cornelius Barrow a teacher at the Coleridge and Parry School along with his 22-month-old son and 8-month-old daughter were burnt beyond recognition in a suspected murder-suicide following the end of Mr. Barrow’s marriage with the divorce reportedly being finalised only on Monday.

In anguished social media posts, Mr.Barrow Spoke of feeling extremely depressed and not knowing what to do after a judge awarded custody of the children to their mother. He said he felt the legal system in Barbados was one-sided and that his day in court was the worst day of his life.

Mr. Barrow and his two children perished in a fire in one of four apartments at Warrens Park South. The mother was not there at the time.

Police public relations officer, acting inspector Rodney Inniss spoke to the media at the scene.

Residents were shocked and saddened by the incident.

Public relations officer of the National Organisation of Women (NOW), Marsha Hinds-Layne, commenting on the tragedy said the judicial system in Barbados needs to be revisited and those in the system better trained.

Meantime, men’s rights advocate Cammie Holder expressed outrage over the entire affair.