Government overhauls the procedures for processing building applications removing some of the authority of the chief town planner.

Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Marsha Caddle, says government is pushing to implement a more efficient, transparent and modern way of planning and development.

She was speaking at a stakeholder review of the new Planning and Development Bill  held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Ms. Caddle says there is a need for major improvement in this area as Barbados continues to place poorly in the global ease of doing business report.

Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Marsha Caddle.

Meantime, Consultant to government on the Planning and Development Bill, 2019, Christine Toppin-Allahar, says the bill outlines several changes to the way planning and development is done in Barbados.

This includes the faster processing of applications to the Planning and Development Board, the removal of some of the responsibilities from the Chief Town Planner and a clampdown on illegal outside signage.