‘Heatwave not unusual’

The current hot and humid spell remains a key topic in both the traditional and social media but the Barbados Met Office says the so-called heatwave is nothing unusual for this time of the year.

Barbados Meteorological Services, Sonia Nurse, notes that what’s taking place has been an annual debate going back years.

But she explained the circumstances contributing to this particular hot spell and its prolonged nature.

The Met Office Director also issued a warning about scare-mongering on social media, even in relation to the system currently to the east.

She cited the recent re-circulation of an old video from last year.

And not surprisingly the spell of hot and humid weather has triggered an increase in sales of fans and air conditioning units at retail stores.

One leading retailer Courts Barbados Limited says sales of such items have definitely increased in recent weeks

Marketing Manager of Courts, Nayo Bowen,  says requests for air conditioning installation services are also on the increase.