Jet Ski recovered off coast of Guadeloupe | no trace of missing American couple

Early this afternoon, personnel of the French Navy reported to their counterparts at the Barbados Coast Guard that a jet ski bearing the registration number of the one that went missing on June 24, 2019, with two American tourists aboard, was spotted off the coast of Guadeloupe.
However, French authorities said there was no sign of the couple, Oscar Suarez, 32, or Magdalena Devil, 25.
The dispatch from the French authorities to the Barbados Coast Guard said in part:
“Be informed that this Saturday July 6, at 1645Z, the French navy ship Ventôse has localised the jet ski registered 162H in position 15°53.82N – 061°40.43W.“It seems to be the jet ski involved in your search and rescue operation, concerning two US citizens (Mrs. Magdalena Devil and Mr. Oscar Suarez).

“Can you confirm this is the missing jetski?

“We have tasked a ­rescue boat to recover it and tow it.”

Prime Minister Mia Mottley and Minister of Tourism Kerrie Symmonds have been informed of the discovery and local authorities will make immediate contact with the families to inform them of the development.

Last Monday Prime Minister Mottley met with the families of the missing couple at Ilaro Court and expressed regret at the unfortunate events and invited them to return to this island anytime over the next year at Government’s expense, if it would assist them in bringing closure to the matter.
Meanwhile, police investigations into the disappearance continues.