Marzville released on bail

Entertainer Omar “Marzville” McQuilkin has been released on bail after he appeared in the Holetown Magistrates’ Court today.

He has been accused of wounding Romario ‘SK’ Cave on July 21 while at Soca on the Hill.

He was released on $ 5,000 bail with one surety and returns to court on November 28. He was represented by attorney Damien Sands.

It is alleged that an altercation occurred backstage at the show that represented and escalation of an alleged online feud between Bashment Soca King, S.K. and Marzville.

Following the alleged incident in which S.K. is reported to have sustained injuries Marzville spent two days in police custody and was due to appear in court this morning.

Meantime, S.K. is said to be overseas.


Rudy Maloney, director 4D Entertainment – the producers of Soca on De Hill – made no comment on the alleged incident but is encouraging patrons to enjoy the season safely.