Producers say Nikita Not to Blame for Song Controversy

Crop Over 2017 seems to be one off to a controversial start… this time with two singers, Deevine and Nikita.

Barbadian artiste Nikita released a song on Monday called “Same Way” with an official lyric video on YouTube for the Crop Over 2017 gambling season. The writing credits list well known Trinidadian songwriter, Jason “Shaft” Bishop, Scott Galt, Mike Hulsmeier and Nikita Browne. However, another song with the exact lyrics from start to finish called “We De Same” released in 2015 by DeeVine, a Bajan artiste based in Britain.

Speaking in an interview, Nikita’s manager, Richard Haynes of South Central Entertainment, says the song “Same Way” came by way of producers De Red Boys to Nikita, as they had the song that was shopped to them from skrill moneybookers login Shaft.

He said the producers believed that the song would be awesome for open skrill account Nikita and she then paid for it. “I must emphasize, that obviously we oversee all of Nikita, so the due-diligence was done. What is skrill account? I’ve done work with De Red Boyz over the years and they’ve always practiced the highest level of casinos online ethics. They searched the internet with a fine toothed comb to ensure that the song was not released before, but there was another song by an artiste called Deevine (under another name).”


Meantime, on Facebook Live, one of De Red Boyz producers, Mikey Hulsmeier reiterated that they did their due diligence.