Residents picking up the pieces after fatal fire at Warrens

A day after a father and his two children perished in a blaze at a Warrens, St. Michael apartment complex, other residents of the fire-damaged building are still trying to piece their lives back together having been displaced by the incident that left them with no electricity.

When Starcom Network News returned to the scene today, the owner of the complex and a team of workmen were commencing the clean-up, with the tenants having sought temporary accommodation overnight elsewhere.

One of the tenants that returned today was heard asking when electricity would return while another swept up broken glass that littered his stairway as a result of the blast that preceded the deadly fire.

He described the couple as people who kept to themselves.

And even a day after the event the close neighbour of the family was still feeling a very strong sense of sadness about what transpired.

A tenant of the apartment complex where a father and his two children perished in a fire yesterday.

Meantime, a counseling session was held at the Coleridge and Parry where staff and students were shaken by the death of teacher Cornelius Barrow’s, who perished along with two children in yesterday’s blaze.,

Akeel Lovell visited the school this morning.