The police and First Caribbean Bank dismiss as a hoax, widespread social media reports of a bank robbery at Warrens, St. Michael today.

The police have dismissed as a hoax a report being widely circulated on social media alleging that there was a bank robbery supposedly at Warrens, St. Michael today.

Starcom Network News received several calls after a voice note with a women’s voice complete with the sound of what appeared to be sirens in the background made the rounds via whatsapp purporting to describe the scene at the alleged robbery.

Some members of the public even reported receiving messages from concerned friends overseas who had heard the voice.

Police public relations officer Sargeant Michael Blackman told Starcom Network News investigations by the police  turned up no evidence of any bank robbery.

Meantime, First Caribbean International Bank, posted on its own social media account today a notice stating that CIBC had been made aware of a social media message alleging an attempted robbery at one of their branches.

The posts adds that this message is absolutely false and mischievous and stresses that the bank’s branches remained secure and open for business.