The Transport Authority expresses surprise at the strike by minibus and route taxi operators.

The Barbados Transport Authority has expressed surprise at the strike by minibus and route taxi operators but promised to meet tomorrow with the new association representing the group as promised.

In a written statement, Chairman of The Transport Authority, Ian Estwick, makes the point that as the regulatory body their remit is with the permit holders, the owners.

But Mr. Estwick says they are sensitive to the representation made to them and, therefore, agreed to meet with the newly formed group in what he describes as a very emotionally charged climate with pressing issues.

But Mr. Estwick adds that while the authority is prepared to sit and have reasoned discussions with the new group the Board cannot fix overnight all the problems that he says have existed for decades.

He stresses that as a regulatory body, the authority does not make the laws but issues permits based on the laws and regulations that govern the acceptance of the permits.

The Transport Authority goes on to state – quote – “Where there is room for us to compromise in areas that will lead to a better service, we are willing to listen and act but at the same time it has to be understood that we cannot and will not compromise in areas that will affect the safety and security of our travelling public and other road users.” – unquote.

He also commended the owners and operators who chose not to strike.