Today is Budget Day

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry is said to be “wary” of the uncertainty surrounding today’s Budget presentation.

In his message in the BCCI’s newsletter for this month, President Eddy Abed expresses hope that the presentation will include the proposals put forward by the two working groups, created during a Social Partnership meeting earlier this year.

He says although the measures may be painful, since they are “long overdue”, failure to implement them now could lead to a greater negative social impact.

Mr. Abed also believes government’s first order of business should be reversing Barbados’ poor sovereign debt rating in the short medium term. He explains this would help to government to address its high national debt.

Meanwhile … Barbadians have mixed views with regards to today’s budget presentation.

While some believe the government will do what it wants, others say they want change, and are against the introduction of any more taxes. One man said, “ease the poor people, there are too many taxes out here and it is hard for the people.”