UPP Says Party Will Be Inclusive

Chairperson of The United Progressive Party, Lynette Eastmond, wants Barbadians to know that the UPP is a party that is one of inclusion and is encouraging Barbadians to join their party.

Mr. Eastmond says in the past, politicians are treated as though they are celebrities and are really servants of the people.

She was speaking at a media briefing at The Courtyard by Marriott.


“For a very long time, some of us have been persuaded to treat politicians, who are really servants of the people, we have tended to treat them as though they are celebrities but we need to vote for people based on their record, what they actually do.”

When asked if Independent Members of Parliament, Owen Arthur and Dr. Maria Agard will join the UPP, Ms. Eastmond did not confirm or deny this. “There are many people who have expressed an interest in joining with us, I am not in a position to disclose anyone’s name. As to whether or not they wish to join us, as I said, we do have a process and we do want to do what we are doing in an orderly fashion. Individuals must join the Party and there are application forms available and then we go through a candidate selection process.”