Visitor restrictions at Geriatric Hospital

The vulnerability and susceptibility of the residents at the Geriatric Hospital has prompted management there to restrict visits.

Manager Heather Payne Drakes said every precaution must be taken to contain the spread of a respiratory illness outbreak and care for the clients.

She said in an interview this afternoon that they are protecting the clients and visitors and to contain the virus. She stressed that there was no quarantine but an isolation unit because they needed to stop it from spreading to more patients.

Five wards are under isolation but she stressed it was not a serious disease outbreak so there should be no cause for alarm. She added that it was mainly because of the frailty of the patients that their health must be protected at the Beckles Road institution which houses 286 clients.

The affected wards are 6B, 7B, 8B, 9Band 10B, and the daycare programme has also been suspended until further notice.

Management of the hospital says the public will be notified as soon as visiting hours are restored and the daycare service reopened.

This morning, the Governor General Dame Sandra Mason, the Minister of Health and Wellness Lt Colonel Jeffrey Bostic and the hospital manager were all in attendance for the Governor General’s annual visit, where performances by patients and staff were given to celebrate the Christmas season.